Girls / Boys

04 2014

Boys 100000 SMS anuppunaalum Girls anupuura orey SMS .. “PLEASE CALL ME”

Boys 1000 call pannalum , Girls pannura orey call … “MISSED CALL””

Boys 100 thadava.. “I LOVE YOU” sonnalum girls sollra orey vaartha .. “PODA LOOSU”

Old is Gold

19 2014

Age appears to be best in some things.

-> Old wood best to burn
-> Old books best to read
-> Old rice best to eat
-> Old friends best to keep


19 2014

I think of you , You too think of me …

But the difference is
When i think of you , i send u message
you think of me , after receiving my message

Love / Frienship

19 2014

Shakespeare said, “A Boy and a Girl can never be friends forever.”
Lincoln said, “Friendship is the starting step for what we call Love.”
Wordsworth said, “Proposing a Boy or a girl for friendship is nothing but indirectly saying, I LOVE YOU.”
Jackie Chan said, “Love is a everlasting Friendship.”
Michael said, “If one can become you Best Friend , then he or she can easily become your Life Partner !”


19 2014

Never stop your smile even if you are sad
Because you never know who likes your smile

For the world you may be some one …
But for some one you may be the world