19 2014

Having GOD in your boat does not mean that you will not face any storm but it means that no storm can sink your boat.

Sister SMS

28 2014

A small boy opens the door looks at his sister’s boyfriend and asks innocently “Everyday u come to meet my sister don’t you have your own sister

India is Great

28 2014

* Punjab for Fighting.
* Bengal for Writing.
* Rajasthan for History.
* Maharashtra for victory.
* Karnataka for Silk.
* Haryana for Milk.
* Kerala for Brain.
* Uttar Pradesh for Grain.
* Himachal Pradesh for Apple.
* Orissa for Temple.
* Madhya Pradesh for Tribals.
* Bihar for Musics.
* Tamil Nadu for Culture.

Proud to be an INDIAN.

A-Z Rules of Relationship

28 2014

Avoid Bad Company.
Dont have Ego with Friends
Give up Hurthing Incidences.
Just Keep Liking Me.
Never Omit Possessiveness.
Quite Remember me.
Seldom Trust Use Valid Words.
Xpress Your Seal.

This is A-Z rules of relationship


28 2014

Nooru pengalidam kaathal solvathu unmaiyaana kaadhal alla
Nooru murai orey pennidam solvathu thaan unmaiyaana kaathal

நூறு பெண்களிடம் காதல் சொல்வது உண்மையான காதல் அல்ல
நூறு முறை ஒரே பெண்ணிடம் சொல்வது தான் உண்மையான காதல்